Following our 2nd Birthday Anniversary you’ve probably noticed over the last few days that we’ve given our website and logo a refresh. Here we’ll explain to you what’s new and why we’ve changed it.

Our Logo’s Changed

We wanted our logo to give a better reflection of the services that we offer our clients. It’s bold, vibrant, colourful and clear. In the same way, our work represents a different approach to recruiting that achieves strong, long-term results for our clients. We are also ready to adapt our services, so that we can tailor our approach to the needs of individual clients, while making sure that whatever we do, we attract, hire and retain exceptional employees for them. Likewise, as every career is different, we also tailor our services to our candidates, so that we can get to know what kind of career each of them is looking for, and then help them to secure their dream jobs.

We’ve Also Created New Sector Icons

We wanted to be clear about our specialist sectors, so we created sector icons to show our service users exactly where they can find information which is directly relevant to their industries on our new website.

As Well As Icons For The Services That Underpin Our Business

We have also created new icons to represent the three key skills that sit at the core of KAG’s service offering to both clients and candidates; Knowledge, Attention and Guidance. We did this to show you exactly how we add REAL value to your recruitment process, as soon as you consult our website.

Our Website Is Now Easier To Navigate Than Ever Before

We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients and candidates to find out everything they need to know about our services and our values whenever they visit our website. Our revamped site now allows them to do that in just a few clicks. The new icons on our site also give candidates a better idea of what sectors we recruit in, so they can make clearer choices when deciding on which roles they would like to apply for. These icons also showcase our USPs further, making everyone who uses our services aware of the unrelentingly high levels of service that they can expect from us throughout the recruitment process.

And We Put Candidates’ Needs At The Core Of Our Redesign

We really want to show our candidates how much we care about each of them, so we’ve dedicated even more of our website to their testimonials. No recruitment agency exists without their candidates, and we are so grateful to each candidate who trusts us to help them to secure their dream jobs. We want every candidate to know exactly what to expect when they use our services, which is why we have always been extremely open with them about what to expect from the recruitment process, by offering them very clear direction and career advice. We even offer FREE careers workshops, where candidates looking for employment can perfect their applications. Our new site will make it even easier for candidates to access this advice and get in touch with us.

Which All Combines To Demonstrate How Focused We Are On Adding Value To Everyone Involved

Our branding has evolved over time, just like our clients’ businesses. We want to show them that we’re ready to adapt to whatever they need, and source phenomenal candidates even in the most complex circumstances. Whenever they come to us clients are assured of reliable, best-in-class service that is focused on adding real value to them. We also wanted to show everyone who uses our services just how passionate we are about helping them to succeed, and how much we love working with them every day. Our new branding demonstrates all of this more clearly than ever before.

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