As we are all continuing to adapt to the ever changing rules and the world that we live in one of the most significant changes for most people has been adapting to working from home and reducing our commute from several miles a day to just a few steps to the dining room table…

Some people have fully embraced this change, are finding themselves much more productive and their work/life balance is far better than it has ever been. For others they miss the social interaction they get from travelling to work, a coffee and a chat with their colleagues or just some days the opportunity for a bit of “me time” on the train with a book.

Interacting with people over Zoom isn’t the same as f2f sometimes the loneliness of working at home can be challenging as we wonder if our City Centres’ will ever be the same again and will we ever wear clothes that don’t involve an elasticated waistband

Changing our habits and daily routine is something we are all getting used to and hopefully some time soon our NEW habits will mean that we appreciate the people around us much more, the flexibility and choices our previous working lives gave us and the world that we live in.

How are you adjusting to your new working world??Interested to hear your feedback?

Take care all
Andrea x

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