The job market definitely has the candidate in the lead again with the majority of candidates having two to three opportunities to choose from…

Time to hire and career/client appeal is critical in the current market, but also to be able to offer progression in an appealing work environment and having values that a candidate admires.

 Few tips to ensure you don’t’ lose out on your ideal candidate..

· Assess you time to hire period, when do you need the candidate to start, also taking into account some candidates will have longer notice periods than others.

· How much is it costing your business not having anyone in the position? (appreciate you may struggle for time to interview but if having the post vacant is costing your business, you need to set the time aside to achieve this)

· Provide feedback on CVs promptly so that you don’t lose candidates during this critical stage of the process.

· Set dates aside so that you can conduct 1st and 2nd interviews where required and inform your recruiter of these dates so that they can advise potential candidates of the timescale.

· Once interviews have been conducted, provide feedback in a timely manner and try to make a decision within 48 hours wherever possible once final interviews have been completed.