Management Advice

We have pretty much all experienced working for a difficult boss in our time.  I have had some fantastic Managers over the years, but believe it or not it’s not always the easiest job to do and ultimately the buck stops with you. Pretty much all of the time – you ARE the big bad wolf. 

Here are a few tips for all of the managers out there:

Be Available

Everyone is busy but your employees do need to see you, find time to be present and visible to your team.  If you are not going to be available for a certain period of time, delegate your decision making to a senior member of your team.  This will also develop them going forward.

Don’t hide EVERYTHING behind closed doors

The greater you are engaged with your team and the more information you share with them – they should be in no doubt about what you require from them and things will be achieved more easily.  I appreciate some things cannot be shared, however the greater your engagement – the more likely your team will understand you and your end goal.

Always try to be open and honest.  This won’t always be taken well, but at least you have been very clear about expectations and what this will mean for your team.

Performance – when to act…

It’s very hard for the rest of the team when a member isn’t working to full capacity.  This ultimately puts more pressure on the rest of the team to deliver and very quickly discontent builds up.  The sooner this is addressed the better it is for your team and business.

Although not easy to do, you must be able to deal with difficult staff issues.  If not you face the loss of respect and credibility within the rest of your team.

Room to grow.

Micromanagement is not what any manager likes to have to do.  However, you do sometimes need to tailor your style of management to adapt to an individual’s capability which can be deemed to be micro management.  Please try to ensure whenever this happens, that you have measures in place to ensure that as the individual develops – so does your style of management. This will aide them to develop or YOU will only end up holding them back and in the long run, this will be negative for both parties.


I think it’s true to say that EVERYONE likes recognition regardless of what level of the role they play within a business, so it’s really important to give where it’s required.

It plays such an important part in motivating your team and ultimately rewarding you and your business in turn..and all it takes is a simple thankyou

KAG are currently working with hiring managers to assist in the development of their teams and ensure retention is key.  Please get in contact to book your recruitment strategy meeting, to ensure you have the right people in place for the remainder of the year.