Lockdown: Assess, Adapt, Evolve

For those not familiar with Nettl of Birmingham we are Web, Print, Signage and Design specialists based in the heart of the city. Like many businesses the last few months we have been a little up and down to say the very least! Ordinarily myself and the team would spend our days meeting clients and companies from all sectors either in our studio or at their premises, understanding their needs and helping them promote and shout about what they do as effectively as possible. We are a team that worked best face to face with our clients, building relationships and trust over weeks, months and years. Then ‘Lockdown’ hit. Our office became our front room, our face to face meetings became video calls and our clients went into shock.

No sooner had the dust settled on the new way of life we began to assess the situation. The truth was nobody really knew what was happening, how long it would last or what would be waiting for us on the other side, after all how often do we have to deal with a global pandemic! The one thing we felt was sitting tight, burying our head in the sand and waiting for it to blow over was not an option, we needed to adapt quickly.

During this period of adaption our main focus remained on our clients both old and new. Continuing to build relationships, make new friends and support the community where ever we could, using our areas of specialism to generate platforms like our Support Birmingham site, www.supportbirmingham.co.uk and our animasks campaignwww.animasks.co.uk. Our focus moved from sales to support! During this period we spoke to hundreds of clients, some were thriving, but most were not. It was difficult to hear many of the stories but at the same time helpful, understanding where people were struggling allowed us to build a knowledge of the new landscape and how people were adapting to deal with it.

The new knowledge we gained has allowed us to evolve. We have now designed, developed and productized a completely new range of items that we feel can help both us and our clients attack this ‘New Normal’ head on, ensuring that customers and staff can work effectively and more importantly safely. You can find all the new products we have available here: https://www.nettl.com/uk/covid-19-essentials/ along with 3 Free downloadable guides taking all the information and tips we have learnt during lockdown and showcasing for others to learn from. We hope it can be of some help however large or small to others.

After what feels like a lifetime we now find ourselves slowly seeing the green shoots of revival, and on the eve of many businesses returning to the workplace, including us, we wait with anticipation to see if the hard yards we have put in during lockdown will pay off and what the ‘New Normal’ will bring. I feel as a company and as a team we are stronger than we were at the start and no matter the challenges around the next corner which are sure to come, we will not lie down, but assess, adapt and evolve to the best of our ability.

Adam Whitehouse
Studio Manager – Nettl of Birmingham
t: 0121 643 8020 e: adam.whitehouse@nettl.com

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